Sterling Capital


Sterling Griffin


Sterling is the founder of Sterling Capital and determines the company’s overall investment strategy, business development, and investor relations. Mr. Griffin has closed millions of dollars in transactions in the alternative asset class for investors and partners.

He brings over seven years of experience in entrepreneurial success and new business development to the company. Sterling maximizes investor returns through strategic partnerships, risk mitigation, and creative deal structuring.

Sterling went from being homeless, living in a Honda Accord for five months straight, to being a millionaire in 18 months. By identifying key market trends and maximizing his strengths, he grew his business to over twenty-seven figures in his second year and continued to grow it over the next three years; he exited for a multi-7 figure exit.

Since generating seven figures in his venture, Sterling realized how important taxation and capital preservation are for high-income earners. He sought out leading advisory and mentors to discover the strategies and secrets to reduce his tax liability and keep more of what he earned.

In the following years and grew his net worth with recession-proof investments using alternative investments. His goal now is to help other HNW and high-income professionals reduce their tax liability and preserve their hard-earned income by investing in alternatives while building generational wealth and creating a legacy for others to follow.

He resides between two homes in Austin, TX, and Miami Beach, FL. He is single and enjoys an animal-based diet. When he is not investing, he enjoys focusing on his health by lifting weights and is passionate about acting in films.